Founder and Director

Photo credit: Judy Paul

Sonia Balazovjech

Breathe and let it happen. 

This is the philosophy that began this journey and it continues to fuel the evolution of SBDC. Into our eighth year of training, performing, producing, supporting, connecting and transforming, the ladies of SBDC continue to inspire and challenge me. The support surrounding SBDC and its mission is overwhelming and we are so thankful that we can continue to dance to make a difference.

Change is inevitable and we are not immune to it. We have learned to embrace it and let things fall as they may. With every loss has come a gain; with every obstacle has come growth.  These are the lessons that we face with each new experience.

Dance is a source of power that we harness and share. Our mission continues to be to support and help others with this power. We hone it, we mould it and we transform it into a powerful message that will resonate with many. 
Movement speaks louder than words. 
May our words dance on for years to come.

SBDC means: a coming together of like-minded and like-hearted people who have the passion, the drive and the dedication to make a difference.

Sonia Balazovjech
Director of SBDC Montreal

Company Members


Geneviève Cloutier-Mongeau

Ergothérapeute en pédiatrie et gestionnaire au CHU Sainte-Justine

Expérience en danse : formation de plus 20 ans en hip hop, jazz contemporain et ballet classique. Chorégraphe depuis 2003. Danseuse professionnelle dans la troupe Line 1 en 2004-2005. Participation à toutes les productions de grande envergure de SBDC depuis ses débuts.

Devenue membre de SBDC en : 2010

Devise : "Soyez réalistes: demandez l'impossible." - Che Guevara

SBDC représente : Une deuxième famille qui pense comme moi, qui bouge comme moi et qui a le besoin de se dévouer à une cause comme moi. Un oasis anti-stress qui me permet de me ressourcer pour garder un corps sain dans un esprit sain!


Alyssa-Marie Crawford

Staff & Program Coordinator at The Studio & Funky Feet

Dance experience: Miss Kathy’s Dance Academy, Macdonald High School Dance Program, Cegep St-Laurent en Danse Contemporaine, The School of Dance en Programme Professionnel en Danse Contemporaine

Became an SBDC member: 2016

Life motto: "Dance like no one’s watching." - Inconnu

SBDC means: Une passion partager, pour la danse, des défis à surmonter, mais jamais seule. Les membres de cette compagnie sont devenues une famille qui crée, rie, danse, fête ensemble et se supportent et je suis ravie d’en faire partie.


Nicole Legault 

Student of Communication Studies at Concordia University. Freelance graphic and web designer.

Dance Training:  Jazz dancer at Danse Marc Charlebois (2003-2010). Macdonald High School Dance Program (2010-2011). Competitive hip hop dancer at H4L (2012-2014). Classical ballet training (2011-present) at LADC - L’Academie de Danse Classique. 

Became an SBDC member:  2017

Life Motto:  Do what makes you happy.

SBDC means:  Working with and helping others through passion and care. SBDC means giving and having a voice through the expression of movement. It also means being a part of a family and meeting new people who will join along the way.


Kim McBain

Studying Occupational Therapy, B.Sc. at McGill University. Dance instructor and choreographer.

Dance Training: Competitive dancer at Extravadanza and Sheila Parkins School of Dance.  Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division Summer Session.

Became an SBDC member:  2015

Life Motto: Live a balanced life.  Give attention to all that our bodies are composed of; mind, body and spirit

SBDC means:  Fulfilling in every aspect.  SBDC provides a place for dancers to develop their abilities to their greatest potential while sharing and giving back along the way.


Vanessa Mumme

Occupational Therapist with Kinatex Physio Sport

Dance Training: Ballet Ouest (1998-2008). Summer dance training with Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Ballet Divertimento &
Conservatoire de Danse de Montreal.

Became an SBDC member: 2016

Life motto: “With choice, heart & colour"

SBDC means: A powerful way to use our technical training in dance and our personal strengths to give back to our community. Devotion, love, compassion.


Nathalie Parmentier

Product Team at Amilia

Dance experience: Macdonald High Dance program

Became an SBDC member: 2010

Life Motto: Relax. Don’t get so caught up in the little things that you can’t enjoy the big ones.

SBDC means: Being part of a group with similar goals and aspirations. We can work hard, laugh and dance together while collaborating on interesting projects that benefit others.


Dawn Patulli

Ecommerce Content Strategist at Aldo Group

Dance training experience: Canadian National Team Gymnast; WIMGYM, heels

Became an SBDC member: 2010

Life Motto: Go with the flow…everything happens for a reason.

SBDC means: More than dance. It's a personal and communal outlet. It exemplifies that there is an appeal to female strength and independence, but there is power in vulnerability. As we move together, laugh together, cry together and grow together, we share our passion for dance to help others and give back.


Samantha Savard Lamothe

Dance teacher and Choreographer at LADC (L’Académie de Danse Classique)

Dance training experience: At a young age danced (jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop) competitively at Shiela Parkins.  Concentration danse at College Sainte-Anne. Classical ballet with pointe work, jazz and contemporary at LADC. Professional contemporary training at EDCMTL (l’école de danse contemporaine de Montréal), graduated in 2015. Summer intensives at L’Académie de danse de l’Outaouais and the School of Toronto Dance Theater over the years and more recently at a professional level at Transformation in Montreal.

Became an SBDC member: 2017

Life Motto: “Il faut faire confiance à la vie.” Life has a way of working out whether it’s teaching you a lesson to help you grow or providing you with great opportunities that help you achieve your goals. You just have to trust that things will fall into place even if you’ve been pushed to follow a different path.

SBDC means: A creative safe space where we have the freedom to let go and grow as dancers.  But more than that, it means to be part of a group of amazing women who share the same passion and desire to use dance as a way to give back to the community. 


Jaime Scaife

Group Sales Manager for the Holiday Inn

Dance training experience: Former 5-year old ballerina, competitive gymnast, sport aerobics competitor and competitive hip hop dancer for 14 years. Trained in jazz and ballet for 12 years. Two years of ballet on pointe training.

Became an SBDC member: 2010.

Life Motto: Live, laugh & learn…with some crying in between.

SBDC means: Sonia Bringing Dancers Closer - closer to a common goal, closer together as a company and closer with the community and local charities.

Company Members
photo credit: Eva Payette: prismandbliss

Maternity Leave

Lindsey Haywood

Canadian PR Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER

Dance experience: Competitive gymnast; WIMGYM. Canadian Sport Aerobic Team member; Began dance career at Sheila Parkins School of Dance (ballet, tap and jazz)

Became an SBDC member: 2010

Life Motto: "What you stand for is more important than what you stand in" - Kenneth Cole

SBDC means: Empowerment. Passion. Dedication. Selflessness.


Jessica Novak

Directrice chez KPMG

Formation en danse : Formation en jazz-contemporain au Studio A; Gymnaste niveau compétitif provincial

Devenue membre de SBDC en : 2010

Devise : Carpe Diem! Chaque moment est important dans la vie et donc, il faut prendre le temps d’en profiter pleinement.

SBDC représente : Un regroupement de femmes incroyables qui utilisent leur passion, la danse, afin d’aider les autres. Le tout, dans un environnement positif, encourageant et rempli d’amour qui font de SBDC bien plus qu’une compagnie de danse.


On Hiatus


Lauren Mallais-DeLuca 

Studying Arts, Languages and Communications at John Abbott. Waitress. WIMGYM choreographer. 

Dance Training:  Competitive gymnast at WIMGYM. Jazz/Contemporary dancer at Studio A.

Became an SBDC member:  2016

Life Motto:  "If it's both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it." ~erada 

SBDC means:  Gaining 9 new means escaping to a studio filled with support after a tough day - or a wonderful means means remembering how to means love.


Creative Team

Robert Lynch - Technical Producer 

Director of Corporate Operations in the corporate aviation industry for a globally recognized private jet management firm.

Production Experience: B.A Specialization, Communication Studies. Producer & director of several nationally-broadcast short films, & freelance producer of numerous corporate, private & artistic special-events in the Greater Montreal Area. Runs an arts-education non-profit, and works full time in marketing for the corporate aviation industry.

Became an SBDC member: 2011

Life Motto: Go all-out, or not at all

SBDC means: that you can indeed dedicate yourself to a craft that you love, and that passion can – in turn – create an incredible energy used for the benefit of others.

Judy Paul - Website/Graphics 

Graphics Coordinator for MPB Communications Inc.

Work experience: Graphics, Web, and Trade Show Coordinator for MPB; Freelance work in ‘spare’ time. 

Became an SBDC member: 2010

Life Motto: Remember the awe. Amazing things are happening all around – take them in. Be helpful, be hopeful, – and sing out loud often!

SBDC means: To be in their midst, in awe of their creativity, a part of the process - is a gift that shows generosity, creativity and age hold no bounds.

Former Company Members

Aryann Blondin

Isabelle Carrier

Allanna Cave

Murielle Cirkovic

Kara Friesen - see Guest Choreographers

Dayna Goldman

Melissa Leclerc

Justine Lewis

Julia Lipari-Couture

Julia Longlade

Talissa Paquette

Angell Pearce

Eugenie Samson

Katherine Samuel

Effie Vardatsikos